The Journey


They say, the most simple messages are the most true.

“The journey is the destination” is one of those simple truths that I got to really experience during Alani´s restoration. I took that to heart for the new chapter of travelling on my beloved vessel.

I don´t have a plan to sail around the world. I don´t even have a fix destination of where I want to get to. Letting life present its possibilities to me was how I found Alani in the first place. So it seems a good principle to live by – to go out there, open your mind and heart, see what life will bring to you and go with the flow.

I set a loose goal of reaching the Lesser Antilles. Those islands are a fairly “easy” sailing ground with good sailing infrastructure, where Alani and I could get used to each other for some time while being immersed in relaxed Caribbean culture with lots of local variety between the beautiful islands.


Ever since I left the Rio Dulce, Guatemala in November 2019, there have been so many adventures that I want to write about. You will be able to read about them here, step by step.